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Posted By: Teribus
01-May-06 - 04:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
GUEST,AR282 - 29 Apr 06 - 10:33 AM

"Let's face it, oil is high because Bush invaded Iraq and disrupted production from the second largest known oil fields. I don't know why people have trouble seeing that. All I keep hearing about is China and India causing the shortage. No, the U.S. is causing the shortage by being an inexcusable oil-hog and for being an inexcusable aggressor nation with its head up its ass."

Where the US gets its oil from AR282:

Mexico 1.774 million barrels per day
Canada 1.7 million barrels per day
Saudi Arabia 1.4 million barrels per day
Nigeria 1.3 million barrels per day
Venezuela 1.1 million barrels per day

Iraq comes way, way down the list with 444,000 barrels per day

Prior to Desert Storm in 1991 Iraqi production as a percentage of world supply was something like 13%, or less, of the total. People have trouble buying into your take on things because it is false and is easily proved as such. In the sale of any commodity the price is dictated by the market. If you cannot see, or recognise the effect on market price of having the two nations on this earth with the highest populations increase their consumption to fuel their growth as nations then you are denying reality.

US consumption of fuel has got nothing to do with George W Bush, or any of his predecessors. It has got everything to do with the mindset of the individuals who make up the population of the United States of America. If any want anything to change, then change yourselves, it will not come about, or be welcomed, by Government intervention. In the US you have had it too easy and too cheap for too long, now you have to start paying a realistic price, stop whining and get used to it.