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Posted By: Don Firth
01-May-06 - 02:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
The war with Iraq and saber-rattling over Iran is not necessarily about acquiring oil for use by American consumers. And it certainly has nothing to do with keeping the price of gasoline down. That's another issue, i.e. allowing the oil companies to maximize their profits. No problem there. After all, there is a revolving door between the oil company board rooms and the government.

Nor does the Iraq war have anything to do with an altruistic wish to bring democracy to the Iraqi people (unless your definition of "democracy" is "to make the world safe for American business"). What the Iraq war is about is geopolitical power. By gaining geopolitical power in the Middle East, the United States then has its hand on the tap and can determine who gets the oil and who doesn't. That's a fair chunk of power one then has over several other countries the U. S. is finding itself in competition with, both economically and in terms of who gets to be a "superpower" and who doesn't.

With the possibility of what might be called "black gold blackmail," do you really think the U. S. government is that enthusiastic about turning its back on oil politics and promoting alternative energy sources? Lip service, yes, but in reality, I think not. So we're going to have to do that on our own. Don't buy gas-guzzling cars. Don't buy a car at all if you don't absolutely need one. Lots of Europeans don't have cars, they use public transportation and /or bicycles, and they get along just fine. Do whatever you can to support the development of alternative energy sources. There are plenty of them out there, just waiting for someone with a little ingenuity.

Don Firth