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Posted By: Barry Finn
01-May-06 - 06:30 PM
Thread Name: Barry Finn/Charley Noble - NYC 4/22
Subject: RE: Barry Finn/Charley Noble - NYC 4/22
What a nice musical/maritime journey. Starting with seeing/hearing/singing with the New York Packet & eating all the renewable or was that reuseable shrimp was a good way to start off.
South Street Seaport was a bit of a let down, I expected much more. The ships were closed due to weather, imagine that, these giants that plowed round both capes shut down due to a little rain. Oh well, they looked beautiful from the upper floors of the ajoining unmaritme mall. The seaport singing session did more than mae up for things though. Got to hook up with Brian (Wotcha) who it seems I only get to see once every 3 or so years, not often enough for someone whose got such a good repetoire. EBarnacle was in good form & it was nice to meet his friend Lady Hillary at last. It's alawys a treat to catch up with Jan, Allison & Frank, espically on their home turf, as always, singing up or in a storm. Wished I had met Ron of '2 Black Sheep & a Stallion' about 10 yrs ago, hopefully some day I'll get across the pond so we can do some more singing together, Yorkshire was well represented. Got to do some more singing at Charlie's friends, Jen & Pete out on Long island. I was talking about how when a sailor rounded the Horn 5 x in by gone days he got to put a certain earing in one of his ears & that if he rounded the Horn 10x he put another earing in the other ear & got to drink in any pub in Liverpool for free (all out of fashion today),
I then asked how many times they've rounded the horn, knowing that they've had to have done it a few times, seeing if they'd come close to drinkin for free in days gone by. I was knocked over when they said they'd have to guess....... at least 60x. They did like songs of seafaring, ya think? We got to hit the Gloucester singing session, what a time, lots of folks there just to sing along or just hear & enjoy, it's nice to know that it's not just singers that enjoy the songs, though there were plenty of real good singers in the crowd too, with a bunch of great songs, a must session for anyone that can ever get to it. The next (last) day was a surprise, Charlie & I got the 2cent tour of the portside from Joanne & Pete,
thanks to you both, for the night before & the day after. I haven't seen so many traditional wooden boat projects in one area, ever, could've stayed another week looking at them all.
Thanks to all who made this so enjoyable & singable.