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Posted By: Anonny Mouse
03-May-06 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: DRILL ANWR now!!!!
First, the Hybrid Explorer (or whatever) wasn't out there in Jan. 1/05. Yes, I wish I had one! The Liberty is smaller than a Cherokee, and better on gas (but not by much!). I (we) have tried to downsize, and be more gasoline conservative. I have succeeded with a 4-cyl. Mazda "6". And yes, sadly, 4WD is NOT an add-on, or "luxury" where we live. It is truly a survival vehicle. You would NOT believe the muck, snow, ice, mess I had to navigate through to pick up my Dad for Thanksgiving. It was horrid!!! You have no idea unless you have lived in the Lake Effect, Snow Belts in/off Lake Erie in the cold weather. I don't think 4.00 per gallon would ever stop me from filling the Liberty. It has saved my life, literally, twice. How much is THAT worth a gallon??