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Posted By: Melani
06-May-06 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: Child-safe Sea Chanties
Subject: RE: Child-safe Sea Chanties
As I recall, the Lady Washington has fairly ridiculous requirements for kid chanteys. When I was on board several years ago, we asked what the standards were for school groups and were told, "No bad words, no drinking, and no splicing Sally Brown." Well, that pretty much lets out everything sailors ever did.(Or do.) The first mate did a version of "Paddy Lay Back" where instead of getting paralytic drunk on his advance, he went out and bought a new pair of pants.

I would just go ahead and sing what you want, leaving out or changing bad words and obvious sex references. The ban on meantioning drinking makes the whole thing virtually impossible, so just assume that 4th graders know alcohol exists and people sometimes drink it. Besides, they love the story about "Nelson's Blood!"

There is also a Lady Washington songbook, but I don't think everything in it is considered kid-safe, especially "Coming Down With Old VD."