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Posted By: melodeonboy
07-May-06 - 08:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: BNP and folk music
Subject: RE: BS: BNP and folk music
Guest, Tammy: instead of just throwing around words such as "imperialism", why don't you use a bit of common sense regarding the use of "English" instead of "British".

I would have thought it obvious that as the BNP is an almost entirely English phenomenon, and it is English people who are affected by it, it makes sense to relate it to English matters, in this case English folk music.

I've already made it clear (yes, the second "Guest" posting on this thread was mine; I wasn't hiding anything, it was just me being dozy and forgetting to sign in!) that I don't think that there's much of an issue here even for English folk singers. I would think there's even less of an issue of worrying about the BNP infiltrating Scottish or Welsh folk music circles.