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Posted By: Richard Bridge
07-May-06 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: BNP and folk music
Subject: RE: BS: BNP and folk music
Brookbourgh, you do not compute. "Origins" (with a capital "O", no less)! Such self aggrandisement. We have no interest in the origins of your name, merely whether you are who you say you are. Yet despite your self professed grandness you "shutter" to think. You are probably not what you purport to be.

Let us pray (those of us who pray), for the sake of your soul (metaphorically speaking), however, that you are not as foul as Thatcher, who ranks as one of the great evils of this century, and who I hope will one day suffer as much as she caused others to suffer. Ironically, she was of course all for an exploitable immigrant population to assist her fellow capitalists to grind the faces of the poor. Her xenophobia yielded to greed.

I use my real name and do not hide from what I post.