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Posted By: open mike
08-May-06 - 08:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Good ways of 'cramming' for an exam?
Subject: RE: BS: Good ways of 'cramming' for an exam?
manyt of the thingw we need to memorize in the fire service
have been encapsulated into acronyms...
many of them contain three letters (T.L.A. = Three Letter Acronyms)
such as the first things you need to check to assess a patient's condition are A B C (Airway, Breathing and Circultaion)

the procedures which you use to stop bleeding spell out DEPT
(the abbreviation for department) D=direct Pressure, E=elevation,
P=pressure point and last resort is a T=Tourniquette

the training you received might have included some of these...
if not, perhaps you could offer to improve their presentation
by coming up with some of your own!

good luck with "it"