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Posted By: Wolfgang
09-May-06 - 11:08 AM
Thread Name: Eurogathering 2006 - Cork, EIRE
Subject: RE: Eurogathering 2006 - Cork, EIRE
I'm back and my rucksack will be back soon I heard (40 minutes change time in Amsterdam was too short for it).

It was small but a great gathering fot the listeners like me. I fell in love again as usual on Mudcat gatherings and with a new one as usual. This time it was 'The Contender' when I heard it sung Friday evening by one of the locals.

Friday was a very good session. The level of playing was so that noone was afraid to join and it was a mixture of tune playing and songs. The two Sunday sessions were very different in style. One was diddle di music only at a very high level of skill (locals and Doug) with all instruments you can think of. The evening was a fascinating singers' club night in a very friendly and inviting atmosphere. From very traditional to Joni Mitchell, and to storytelling. Only condition: No other instrument but the human voice.

Monday was travel time. The lucky ones like Andy (Mudguard) were cycling in pouring rain to start an Ireland cycle tour, the less lucky ones (me, in this particular instance) were overtaking Andy by bus on the way home. (When you read this, Andy; I've actually seen you from the bus to Kinsale, where I made a short trip to instead of Cobh; I did wave but in that weather you couldn't possibly see into a bus even if you had felt like).

The next gathering will be in or close to a town starting with M. Offers are still accepted. So far, and in this order of preference the towns named are: Milano, Munich, Muenster.

It was great to see you.