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Posted By: JohnInKansas
09-May-06 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Good ways of 'cramming' for an exam?
Subject: RE: BS: Good ways of 'cramming' for an exam?
Having a crib sheet when you get to the exam isn't usually of much use for most tech subjects, since you don't know what the questions will be and you can't just write down the answers in advance. You have to know what the equations are, and when to use them.

It's making the crib sheet, that forces you to look at what's important that's helpful.

An IT exam may actually include quite a bit that could be on a crib sheet, since "names of things" may appear fairly densely. That's also an area where looking at alternate sources can be confusing, since Cisco's "framislinger" may be Microsofts's "dorpslanger." If the terminology gets polluted it can cause you problems on the exam.

Knowing what the parts are, and what connects to which, and why and when, probably can be expected to be important. For programs, substitute "objects" for parts and for connections substitute "processes" perhaps (or what other terminology your program uses).

You don't usually know answers going in, since different "objects," sometimes with different "object values," input to the same "process" can create different "objects" or "objects of different kind/class."

Some understanding of how it works is the real goal of the "cramming."

The simple fact that it's a multiple choice test implies that just "knowing the names" of things probably is fairly important, and "thinking" probably minimally so; but a well-designed test can change this emphasis. The examinee has to make the right guesses, which usually isn't too difficult with some experience from similar tests.