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Posted By: GUEST,sorefingers
10-May-06 - 06:12 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Musak?
Subject: RE: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Mu
"Ask a Belfast person; or indeed anyone from Ireland, what Brendy is short for, and you would in no small measure be be put in the way of things on that score as well"

Understanding and Brendy that all Belfast knows.... " in no samll measure.... "

You don't know diddle about versions/settings, the topic here. You just had to put your nose in because you thought you could shove yer bankrupt hate mongering vomit into the debate. Besides since Donaldson puked up the truth the entire bullymovement in N Iron is soiling their pants.

And while I'm at it, bhoyo, talkin Oirish in my company while there are many here who don't, tells me all I need to know about you and your fake personas. Tiggin that before you come back 4 more.

Now gwan away wi yerself while you have enough diginity left to come back unscarred at a later time, else I will have to have ye ran down and INSPECTED!