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Posted By: Declan
11-May-06 - 07:21 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Crazy Man Michael (Richard Thompson)
Subject: RE: Crazy Man Michael Misheard lyric?

I have no desire to re-write any of Richard Thompson's songs.

Believe me when I say I have huge respect for the man. If he wrote 'kiss-O' then that is correct and I have absolutely no problem with that.

But there is a suggestion that the word written in the original song was not Kiss-0 but Piseog. And given that the words 'beat at' are incorrect on the RT web-site there is a potential that the other lyrics on the site are also not perfectly recorded.

Having gone to the bother of listening to the album track I am not convinced that Sandy Denny is singing Kiss-O, and given that both of the songwriters were involved in the session I'd take this as the definitive recording.

Please give me credit for trying to help to unravel the answer to the question asked in the thread and don't try to imply that I have some sort of an agenda here.