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Posted By: Banjer
05-Feb-00 - 08:23 AM
Thread Name: Help: Dying Harp
Subject: RE: Help: Dying Harp
I've never reallly given much thought as to the construction of a harp. Those that I've seen seemed to be very bulky. I always assumed that the frames were solid wood beams. It is most interesting to learn they are not. Kind of dispells the notion that harp players are either extremely strong people or have a very good sense of balance! If I read correctly what Helen, and others, have said here, the outer 'frame' of the harp acts as a resonator. Is that true?

Helen, the reference to vacuum was mine. Many years ago I mentioned to a relative that I had a song going thru my head and was told that 'sound cannot travel in a vacuum' I always thought that was a rather witty reply for the dimbulb (my brother) and as it may have been the only witty reply in his lifetime I have cherished it! LOL