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Posted By: greg stephens
18-May-06 - 04:34 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby
Nobody is more innocently employed than when making money(or something to that effect, I believe Dr Johnson said). Good luck to the lass. I wont personally be buying the record, but I'm sure others will. She is getting attacked by a few people here and there for betraying her roots or selling out or whatever: I hate the way some people seem to want to own performers just because they like them. Kate Rusby can sing what she likes as far as I am concerned. I saw this video on a huge screen in a pub in Newark, and was completely unaware that this collaboration had happened. We were standing having a pint and kind of glancing at this mega-intrusive giant screen peddling noise into the bar, and suddenly we are saying "Doesnt she look like Kate Rusby" and a second later "Bloody hell, it is Kate Rusby".
    Kate Rusby has given a lot of folkies a few much-needed lessons in business acumen, and I'm sure will continue to do so. I admire her for it.