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Posted By: Scrump
18-May-06 - 08:53 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby
It's an interesting point you make though. Sometimes when you've followed an artist from their humble beginnings gigging in folk clubs, and see them become a big star, part of you is pleased for their success, when you realise they've gone on to bigger and (possibly) better things, but a part of you (perhaps selfishly) realises you will miss seeing them in the intimate surroundings of the back room at the pub, and that things won't ever be the same again. It's a bit like when your kids leave home, I guess.

I guess it depends what you mean by "losing to the pop world" though - if Kate (for example) gave up folk music and ended up like Kylie or Madonna that would be a shame. But if she can somehow remain true to her roots and become popular at the same time, that's probably a good thing for folk music generally. If what they say is true - that "folk is cool" - then maybe TOTP will soon feature Morris Dancers instead of the disco dancers or breakdancers (or whatever they have these days - I haven't seen it for years), and the charts will be full of our favourite artists. Is that good or not? I'm not sure myself.