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Posted By: Folkiedave
18-May-06 - 12:46 PM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby

When I said "never really" I meant that whilst she did do some folk clubs, with Kathryn and on her own, folk clubs were not her biggest thing. And when I said "always" I meant that is where she made her first appearance (Holmfirth at 15) and festivals is where she made her name. So sorry if I managed to get that wrong.

And there are less and less folk clubs these days (especially in comparison as to when I was a lad). Loads of festivals though.

Sheffield for example as a city finds it very difficult to support a folk club. (Some good ones in the area, Kiveton and Wickersley and Kiveton for example, but not really in the city.

Good session scene and concerts and some good dancing, but not much of a "regular" folk club booking artists.

And Ray, you're a local and don't count!!

As indeed I am.