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Posted By: melodeonboy
19-May-06 - 09:18 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
From the discussions I've taken part in on other threads, I'm aware that the orthodoxy at the moment is to uncritically support this latest collaboration.

May I therefore be so bold as to be completely non-PC and say that I think the song in question is nothing more than limp-wristed, girly-pop sh**e.

And in an attempt to pre-empt the abuse, labelling, sneering and general b***ocks that I (along with other "non-conformists") have received in reply to my (and others') comments on this subject on other forums, it may save a lot of wasted time if I make my position clear to start with, so that people can at least criticise me for what I think rather than what they choose to believe I think. To do this I shall refer to various points that have been made by my detractors (mainly paraphrased) and respond to them.

1. This will further Kate's career, so you should be supportive
    of it.

    My response: As I'm not Kate's manager, her mummy or her
    Auntie Lil, I don't really care very much; it's not my business.

2. You are stuck in your ways and resist the advancement of folk

    My response: As a listener, performer and former radio
    presenter, I have never resisted the advancement of any music.   
    I am always on the lookout for music that is adventurous,   
    dynamic and challenging. The song in question is none of these.

3. As a professional performer who has to support herself by
    singing/playing music, don't you think that she has the right
    to earn money as she thinks fit?

    My response: Yes, I do. All musicians have this right, and I'm
    not questioning it. My criticism is of the music itself (my   
    right, by the way!), not of her right to earn money as she
    thinks fit.

4. If Kate gets more exposure, it will encourage large numbers of
    people to listen to her other recordings and thereby lead to a
    wider interest in folk music. You should therefore be
    encouraging it.

    My response: If this truly is the case, then that's a good
    thing. I suspect that the sort of people who choose to listen
    to Ronan Keating may have difficulty in listening to music
    that doesn't have the "security blanket" of the all-embracing,
    synthetic backing track.

5. If she wants to pursue a pop career, what right do we have to

    My response: As I said before, she can pursue whatever career
    she likes. I, along with just about everybody else in this
    land, will always make judgements on music that I hear. What's
    strange about that?

6. It's disturbing how some people feel so proprietal about
    certain performers and want to dictate to them what they should
    or shouldn't do.

    My response: I don't dictate anything to anyone; I just say it
    as I see it (or hear it in this case). I'm not in control of
    anyone else's destiny, nor would I want to be.

In spite of my efforts at clarification, I will still, no doubt, get flak from certain quarters. Still, that's what you get for telling it as it is!