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Posted By: harpmolly
19-May-06 - 07:57 PM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
I watched the video on YouTube and it was actually kind of fun. I liked how there was no pretended "romantic" connection between Kate and Ronan, and how they were more observers. I also liked Kate busking. *grin*

As far as the "how will this advance the cause of folk?" question, I only know how my slightly obsessive brain works. When I am a fan of something, I tend to webstalk it to death, and if it happens to turn me on to something else in the process, I will proceed to hunt down everything I can about that as well. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not--hearing Eddi Reader sing backing vocals on Kate's album "Little Lights" made me curious about her, as she has a lovely voice, but I got her "Robert Burns" album and wasn't that impressed.

On the other hand, hearing Solas perform several absolutely incredible songs written by Antje Duvekot got me interested in her, and having heard more of her, I am extremely impressed. (I especially like the new Solas "Reunion" CD/DVD...few songs have given me such chills recently as the vocal trio of Duvekot, Karan Casey and Deirdre Scanlan singing Duvekot's "Reasonland". Incredible stuff.)

OK, so I'm veering off topic. But the point remains: obsessive fan types like me are highly suggestible to being steered in new directions by association. We can only hope. ;)