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Posted By: Jim I
26-May-06 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Caroline the Greyhound/McGinty
Subject: Origins: Caroline the Greyhound/McGinty
Has anyone any idea about the author of this song? It's very 'Glasgow' and has been around for a good number of years but I can't find it mentioned anywhere.

A sample thereof:


McGinty had a greyhound
She was called Caroline
And when she won races
McGinty drank wine

Noo McGinty he loved her
And he took her for walks
Up by Bellahouston
And roon' by the docks

Yes McGinty he loved her
But it's no what ye think
For the mair she won races
The mair he could drink

Noo an incident happened
Tae McGinty's career
For Caroline wiz a glutton
As ye shortly shall hear.

She wiz gaun like the clappers
Wi' the field at her back
When a white pudding supper
Flew on tae the track