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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
01-Jun-06 - 08:24 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: poverty knocks
Subject: RE: Tune Req: poverty knocks
The DT midi is an accurate transcription of Tom Daniels' tune as published in various places, but the lyric isn't. No source, unfortunately, is credited for either. Note that the first part of the tune goes with the chorus, the second part with the verse. I expect that the DT lyric is from someone's memory or from a revival recording; it also contains mis-spellings, mis-hearings and careless omissions. Mary Humphreys posted a much better transcript (although it contains some typos) in thread  Origins: Poverty Knock.

The original tune has been 'regularised' by folk club performers over the last 40 years, becoming more sing-song and predictable. There's also been a ghastly tendency to turn it into a jolly singalong thing, punctuated by handclaps (rather in the same fashion as the more crass arrangements of The Wild Rover). I recall seeing Martin Carthy and Leon Rosselson sing it with the time signature modified so that the audience couldn't clap along, but actually had to listen to the words.