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08-Feb-00 - 04:12 PM
Thread Name: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Subject: RE: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Oh, Susan, that is right, I am sorry you were disappointed, but a lot of it is VERY sacred, although it has become accepted, among the Natives I know, that some is available on tape and to be shared. You will know more by getting acquainted as Larry says.

Try listening to the AIROS link I put it (American Indian Radio on Satellite). They had a fascinating discussion the other day at noon rocky mtn time, on a program called Native Calling. They have special shows of that one called the Wellness Edition. That day, they had a shaman, Paul Ortega, who is also a recording artist on, as well as an elder from the Nez Perce, first name Horace, who speaks all over the world on his culture.

The subject that day was Drums, rattles and flute and how they heal physically and spiritually. It was a wonderful program. There was much discussion on the fact that women do not drum in some tribes, while others welcome them, esp. if their numbers are small.

There was also discussion and phone-ins on healing people had received and the training of the medicine person, as well as drummakers. I don't know if that show is archived, yet or not, but it was well worth a listen.

The woman who hosts it is in Alaska and had worked closely with the Native American leader who just died in the Alaskan Airlines plane wreck. She was talking about him and got lost in tears of sorrow, when Horace stepped in with such grace and kindness to talk about the Seven Drum ceremony for those who've passed on. My heart was full of emotions and gratitude for the sharing and compassion. I have tears in my eyes right now, thinking about it.

Thanks for letting us know how it was. Did you get a chance to talk with the speaker at all about any of it?