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03-Jun-06 - 12:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
Subject: RE: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
So what's an OAP, by the way? For those of us in the states.

The answer is to reintroduce guns. You have no idea what a sense of peace it gives me to know my neighbors all have guns. Hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols for self protection, and so on. Seriously. The cops will never get here if someone threatens my life. They want us to THINK they'll protect us, but we know better. They can't be everywhere and protect us from all "evildoers," so we have to bear some of that responsibility ourselves, don't we? If that old lady had had a gun to stick in the guy's navel, there wouldn't have been a problem, would there? Oh, but then you have to worry about pensioners running amok with pistols.

Seriously, the criminals are always going to have weapons. The answer is an armed populace. I can't imagine living in a society where the leaders have dictated you can't protect yourself with a bit of gunpowder and lead. That's insane. The people who make the laws are surrounded by armed guards.

I only read the first post in this thread. Maybe others have pointed out the common sense in gun ownership.