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03-Jun-06 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
Subject: RE: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
If a family of seven was gunned down, why didn't the cops stop it? If you're going to kill like that, you'll find a way. Cops can't be everywhere. For every murder committed in the U.S. today with a gun there will be THOUSANDS that were prevented because the skanks who thought about it knew their intended victims were armed. Gun ownership works. In states that pass less restrictive gun laws, crims like car-jacking stop overnight. A car's not worth getting ventillated over.

Even Jesus himself said if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. The right to self-protection is so fundamental that even Jesus espoused it (kissy cheek, love, forgive, buy a sword, kissy cheek, etc.)

Nah, the law wants you COMPLETELY in its care, but that only leads to Abu Grahibs. Hitler, Stalin and Mao all agreed gun control works. I say take responsibility for your own life. Defend yourself. And don't show the gun unless you are ready and sure that, at that very moment, it may need to be used. The look of resolution on your face will be all the weapon you need to scare that evildoer away.

And make the lawmakers stop going around with armed guards. THAT would cause a shift in the legislative attitude. Sue your lawmakers for violating the gun laws and see what happens.