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04-Jun-06 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
Subject: RE: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
I guess I was the one refered to as the Bible Belt guest. The trouble with govt regulation is that the govt has no business regulating. Deliver the mail and guard the borders. That's it. Anything else is meddling.

The framers of the US constitution knew this and built in safeguards. We can own guns to protect us from abusive govts. Felons lose the right to own guns, and I have no problem with that. And the constitution refers to a 'well-regulated militia' being the reason to own guns, and that's fine. My local sheriff has the authority to call me up at any time and make me part of a possee. So, the constitution kind of demands you own arms, so you can help regulate things.

Yet Americans are being brainwashed into thinking the opposite is true. You're a BAD American if you own a gun. Look at what that brainwashing has done to Britain and Australia. And I bet the 'telly' is now agitating over knives, to condition you to give those up too, and then it'll be rocks, I suppose. You poor folks. How'd you lose the right to percolate baddies? The US Constitution calls the right to bear arms 'God-given.' I don't know about that, but I do know that no govt has the right to disarm me.

Tonight my family will sleep secure in the knowlege that firearms are in the house.