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04-Jun-06 - 09:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
Subject: RE: BS: Suddenly Britain has a knife culture
Well, I guess it comes down to do you want to take care of yourself or have someone else take care of you. America's getting as bad as the rest of the former English colonies when it comes to socialism, but at least we have a right to bear arms. And the country's the better for it. If we didn't have gun ownership, I have no doubt we could be locked up at present for criticizing the war in Iraq. But screw 'em. The war is wrong. Come kick in my door. See how it works?

Check out the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. They have some insightful things to say about guns. Essentially, they learned their lesson from Hitler. Good for them.

Guns keep people free of tyranny. That is the purpose of arming a populace. When the populace is disarmed, it leaves Stalin free to kill 50 million, Mao free to kill 50 million, etc. It is utter madness to give up your own guns and expect your govt to treat you fairly after you've been disarmed. History has shown us this over and over and over again.