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Posted By: Little Robyn
06-Jun-06 - 04:12 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Kid's rhymes: Big Mac, Coca Cola & more
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Kid's rhymes: Big Mac, Coca Cola & more
Hi Azizi, I'm from New Zealand tho' my ancesters came from Britain about 150 years ago.
Most NZers were into 'rugby, racing and beer' but I could never relate to that. I discovered American folk songs in the 60s and later got into British folk - and discovered that's where I really belonged.
School journals and song books used to include folk songs and rhymes and we often used the same rhymes as you in the playgound (50 years ago).
I was a student at teacher's training college when someone introduced Cookie Jar to NZ kids (hey, there's another food one!). This came from the Folkways record "One, two, three and a zing, zing, zing" which was recorded on the streets of New York, if I remember rightly and one of the music lecturers had the record. I don't know if modern kids still play it but it started in the early 60s in NZ.
I used to have a copy of the record but I sent it to the Opies, in England, many years ago, when they couldn't find a copy anywhere else.
Later, when my daughter was little, we picked up Down, down baby (similar to version 2 but without the reference to the coloured boy) from kids TV - we watched and sometimes recorded Sesame Street and The Elephant Show, and learned lots of songs from there. Now she has a baby of her own, she's digging out the old tapes and is doing the same thing with my granddaughter (who is only 12 weeks old).
Way to go!