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Posted By: bbc
06-Jun-06 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: How many mudcatters are teachers?
Subject: RE: How many mudcatters are teachers?
Reply to Lizzie from 6-6-06 at 8:25 am

Hi, Lizzie,

Your question is a valid one &, obviously, from the heart. I am a teacher & I have raised 2 sons, so I can see both sides. I am a school librarian at a small, rural grade 3-5 elementary school in New York state. I have students w/ ADD, Asperger's, & many other conditions. Sometimes they do make it tough to teach the group they're in, but I love just about all of them. I think the 1st answer to your question, unfortunately, is that people need jobs to support their lives &, for some, teaching is just that--a job. I had an undergrad degree in British Lit & my master's in Library Science when I found myself, unexpectedly, needing to support myself, as well as my 2 & 5 year old sons. It seemed that working as a school librarian would maximize my salary, my benefits, & my time w/ my kids. I also happened to be qualified for the job. I had been, happily, a full-time homemaker for the previous 9 years. So, for me, it started as a job. I have now been an educator for 12 years--8 at my current location. Through these years, somehow, I have been transformed into a teacher. My job has become a vocation for me. I love my students & have the vision that I can help them to become happy, successful adults. I am aware that the things I do, for good or ill, will have an effect on them & it is my daily desire that it be a good effect! I think & plan how to teach them well; I go for various training sessions outside of school hours, to better understand & meet the needs of my students. Yes, there *are* uncaring, undertrained teachers & that's awful, when the "product" is the future of our world. We each do our part. I hope my small part is positive. Best to you in teaching your children. I have a close friend who very successfully home-schooled all 6 of her children--at least one through high school. He's done great in college, too. I respect your love & dedication to your kids.