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Posted By: GUEST
07-Jun-06 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
Subject: RE: BS: Help! The computer ate OH & FL votes!
CarolC - Stifle? I gave sources for you to go to. How is that an attempt to stifle? You seem to always get defensive when someone offers an altenate point of view with a source of verification to fgo to. I am completely happy with the election.

As far as exit polls go, would not an area with 80+ percent of Kerry supporters come close to matching. If the Dems would learn to fib to the exit poller, perhaps they could generate increased interest in the voting process. They have to be the only ones who give the correct info.

My thoughts are it is no one's business how I vote. And using unverifiable info from the web, NOT priceless.

How about this;
"Dave, as a resident of Ohio who observed and recorded the vote in Greene County, I can attest to the fact that it was completely above board.....".

There, you have another source.