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07-Jun-06 - 04:57 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Lady Mondegreen
Subject: RE: Song Challenge: Lady Mondegreen
Here is Even Lamer Effort #2. Here we find Lady Mondegreen in an earlier period of her late lamented life, before she got slain by the Slayers of Earl Amurray, indeed even before she dated Earl Amurray, or even tossed him a risque wink. She apparently lived in the Orkneys or someplace and got involved with something ~Not Quite Human~ ...

(And yes, I admit to thread creep, but...)

All but the second verse are a parody of the Child ballad, The Great Silkie O Sule Skerry. The second verse was written by Lady Mondegreen herself, in a moment of great agitation.


An urchin whore, she spits and sings,
And why she sings, baloney chin?
"Little Ken, eye thy brainy father,
Finesse, my land, that pits my skin."

"Go back," cried Lady Mondegreen,
"Go back," she cried, "umbrella day!
Upon the green when but a teen
My Earl Amurray died on me."

Then Axel Rose at her bad feet,
And a gummy guest I'm sure was he,
"Here am I, thy brainy father,
Although I be nasty spoiled meat.

"For I am a lamb upon the land,
But I am a stinky in the sea,
And when I'm fouler far than sand
My dealings are in School Curry."

"You were no wheel," the maid replied,
"You were no wheel, no decal, see?
You Great Stinky of School Curry
To count for naught a brain to me."

Now he has snatched her perps so cold,
And parched her equanimity,
Saying, Give to me my Little Kenny,
And tack thee up thy normalcy."

"And gum shall pass a simmering day,
When sin-shines hop an average clone,
Then I shall toke with Little Kenny,
And teach him how to skin the bone.

Agnew shall marry a prude punner,
And a prude punner I'm sure he'll be,
And the very first tot that e'er he toots
Shall toot Baywatch and scum for me.

~~~~~~~ Yes, I know, sorry, that's really, really putrid.... blame it on the rainy day here in the Northeast provinces of School Curry. ~~~~~~