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Posted By: pavane
08-Jun-06 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: Tab: How best to display bends
Subject: Tab: How best to display bends
Re: My program HARMONY

I am still struggling with the problem of annotating the guitar tablature for bends. It seems that some programs show them as two or more tied notes.

For playback reasons, I would prefer to restrict a bend to a single displayed note. Also, I think the abc +bend+ decoration affects only one note.

Would it be adequate to display a letter (for example B) over the fret number of the note to be bent?

It may be possible also to follow it with a number, which could be the number of semi-tones (or quarter-tones) to bend.

I could then ensure in future that the bend was automatically included in the playback and MIDI.

It is important that the pitch effects of the bend are cancelled completely at the end of the note, otherwise they will affect following notes as well. Therefore there may need to be two different types of bend, a Bend UP, which is just cancelled at the end, or Bend Up and Down.

I could annotate these as U and B to distinguish them.

(For advanced users, the complete characteristics of the note, incliding amount of bend, and timing, can already be controlled by using note styles).