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Posted By: M.Ted
08-Jun-06 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: How many mudcatters are teachers?
Subject: RE: How many mudcatters are teachers?
I taught for a number of years, and know quite a number of teachers, Lizzie--they tend to be happy to see parents like you leave the system--the reasons for it are evident in your post--

You think that they are lazy, uncaring, and uninterested in their kids. You also think that the answers to all the problems in education are simple, and the that the reason that they haven't been solved is that the teachers are all too stupid and too stubborn to do what is so obvious to you.

You also think that it is the teachers responsibility to solve every problem related to the education of your children, and at the same time, that teachers have no right or business telling your children what they can and cannot do. I can assure you that they are happy to be rid of you--

At the same time though, they are sorry to lose your children, because they really do care about them, and they are disturbed by the very real possibility that, rather than giving them an education, you are simply indoctrinating them with all of your prejudices--