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Posted By: Azizi
10-Jun-06 - 12:06 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Kid's rhymes: Big Mac, Coca Cola & more
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Kid's rhymes: Big Mac, Coca Cola & more
Thanks, old salty, for that explanation.


Hutch, I'm not sure that I understand how to play the game you mentioned.

You wrote "The first three people were "Saint Peter", "Saint Paul", and "Saint John". They were succeeded by "Number 1", "Number 2", etc. This clapping game was very simple: "My name" on the first two claps, followed immediately by "someone else's name" on the second two beats. At a tempo of about 200-250 bps"

I believe that you're saying that Saint Peter to Saint John were given out as names to individuals and people clapped two claps after saying each of these names. And the fourth person was "Number 1"
{2 claps}; then "Number 2" {two claps} and so on. Right? If so, my question is what do you do if there is a large group? Does everyone get Numbers? {instead of their name}. It seems you are saying that the numbers are recited in sequential order. Is that right? If so, how does the game end?

Also what's "bps" as in the phrase 200-250 bps? Would you please provide the name of a familiar children's tune that has that tempo? For instance, is it the same tempo as "The Farmer In The Dell"?or "Ring around the Rosey"?


Also, Mo the caller, when you said "The aim was to get a seat on the board." ,what does that mean? You don't mean a board game, right? Do you mean that the object is not to lose your seat? Is this like what happens in the game "Musical Chairs"-the game starts with one chair less than the number of children playing. The children walk around the chairs while music plays. When the music abruptly stops, the children have to quickly sit in a chair. The person who doesn't sit in a chair is out. Another chair is removed, and this pattern continues until there is only one chair, and two people moving around that chair. The person who sits in that chair when the music stops is the winner. I'm curious if Musical Chairs is played outside of the USA know that game.

Btw, I very much dislike that "Musical Chairs" game. It often results in children under age 7 or so crying when they don't get a seat. Not to mention that it's unfair to children with disabilities and it rewards bullies and teaches the virtue of competition..Not that competition is always bad, but, must it be taught this way?


Hopefully, this is understood but maybe I need to say it:
By no means are these question meant as put downs of those non-USA games [or at least I think that they are non-USA games]. I'm delighted to learn about these games and I'm truly interested in knowing how they are played.

Thanks for sharing information about them.