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Posted By: Mo the caller
10-Jun-06 - 01:40 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Kid's rhymes: Big Mac, Coca Cola & more
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Kid's rhymes: Big Mac, Coca Cola & more
"A seat on the board" - board of directors o the company i.e. Freeman, Hardy or Willis. Sounds the same game as Hutch's St Paul one everyone has a name or number, when your number is called you can call any number except your own. You finish when you are fed up with it, or the adult in charge decides it's time for something else, or everyone is hopelessly confused with all the changing numbers. It obviously is a US game too, Hutch said he was from Colorado.
Yes, we play Musical chairs in the UK too. I remember many a Sundayschool party being bored because I was "out" and there was nothing to do while the game dragged on to the end.
There is even a version for "Pony Club" members where they ride in a circle till the music stops, then dismount and drag the pony by its reins to stand on a sack. Uggh.
Impossible for the person in charge to always see if there is cheating too.