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Posted By: Folkiedave
10-Jun-06 - 03:23 AM
Thread Name: How many mudcatters are teachers?
Subject: RE: How many mudcatters are teachers?
They are not in the real world of business that's for sure. Insular is the word.

Like many who work (or in my case worked) in Further Education I was in the so-called real world of business for many years and I also worked in industry whilst working as a teacher. Many do.

The so-called real world would grind to a halt if it had to put up with one-tenth of the crap that the average teacher puts up with from unruly students whose parents, often from the "real world" of business couldnĀ“t be bothered to bring up their children properly. It would grind to a halt if it had the bureaucracy from those who think they know better. It would grind to a halt if it was constantly starved of resources, like teachers are and had to fight for every penny and scrap of photocopying paper. And if the average business person worked the concentrated hours of a primary school teacher then they would soon pack it in or be demanding bigger salaries.

Next time you pass a golf course at mid-week look at the cars outside and ask "teachers" or "the real world of business". Next time you pass a posh restaurant that is full at lunchtime ask yourself "teachers" or the "real world of business". How many teachers have expense accounts, company cars, golf club memberships paid for by the firm?

Teaching IS the real world.