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Posted By: bbc
10-Jun-06 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: How many mudcatters are teachers?
Subject: RE: How many mudcatters are teachers?
I can see the truth in all of the above posts. Teaching tends to be a misunderstood & under-appreciated profession, at least in the U.S. In the public schools, we are required to teach all the children who live in our area, regardless of their behavior, their ability to speak English, etc. Many times, as I'm trying to get attention from my higher needs students, I sigh on behalf of those who are quietly waiting for the opportunity to learn. Most educators would love to be able to work one-on-one w/ our students, to best meet individual needs & learning styles. Unfortunately, that is seldom possible. We deal with hectic schedules, administrators who may throw us to the wolves rather than check to see if parental criticism is justified, budget constraints that frequently make it easier to just spend our own money on our students, state standards & tests that often seem out-of-step with reality in the classroom. Every time I hear someone say that teachers work 6-hour days, 10 months a year, I laugh. I am at school, most days, approximately an hour before contract time & 1-2 hours after contract time. Most of my contract hours are spent in direct instruction; that's the only way I can keep up with my work. Various kinds of training to improve my teaching skills come out of my evening hours. At home, I do my lesson planning, grade papers, do most of the ordering for the next year, etc. During the summer, I make plans for the next year's program.

All of that being said, we each, to some degree, choose our careers. I chose to be a teacher. Having made that choice, it is my goal to do my job to the best of my ability. I see those students--the ones who are easy to teach & the ones who aren't, the ones who are eager & the ones who couldn't care less, the ones who like me & my program & the ones who don't, the ones I like & the very few who I can't seem to--as the future of our world & they deserve my best. I chose them, just as I chose to be a parent; they didn't choose me. Each job has its value, but not all directly influence the future of the world for good or ill as teaching does. If we do this job just as a way to meet expenses, we do the world a disservice.