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Posted By: pastorpest
09-Feb-00 - 06:44 PM
Thread Name: Songs about farm folk
Subject: Songs about farm folk
I am involved with the "Rural Life Committee" of a church denomination, United Church of Canada, that is primarily urban. Getting people to hear, let alone understand what is being lost as farm families disappear is never easy. People do not "feel" statistics about farm economics. With a good song you can think a feeling and feel a thought (I read that in Pete Seeger stuff and I am not sure he takes credit for it). We are looking for songs about farm folk and farm life that express both their joys and sorrows. For me Stan Rogers "Field Behind the Plow", Connie Kaldor's "Harsh and Unforgiving" and Ron Hynes "Sonny's Dream" are good examples. Please add to the list and if you can point me to where to find lyrics and music all the better. In advance, thanks!