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Posted By: A Wandering Minstrel
13-Jun-06 - 08:34 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Lady Mondegreen
Subject: RE: Song Challenge: Lady Mondegreen
this probably breaks all your rules but you can have fun spotting all the original songs it "borrows" from

The Lay of the Lie of Lady Mondegreen

It fell about the Martinmass
and near the witching hour
When Lady Modegreen came forth
and stood without her bower

And lightly stepped she south of the wall
and lightly stepped she east
"gae bring to me the wanton brown
for 'tis a noble beast"

Now woah! be off to the Black woods
Now Brennan have a care!
for do you see yon broad, broad road?
Tis I must venture there

About the hour of twelve o clock
Her father he came home
Frae drinkin of the blude-red wine
in the streets of Huntley Town

"Oh where is Lady Mondegreen
Come quick my son and tell to me?"
"She left me here, oh father dear,
and went riding down by the Eildon tree"

And these few words she spake to me
as she rode upon the flood
that if she met young Brennans robe
she'd leave it shorter by the hood

And when her father heard these words
They did wound his heart full sore
And sadly he did rue the day
when Bill Brennan rode the moor

For it was that rake and his merry band
as they rode o-er the lea
had met with Colonel Bogey
and with him they did agree

That they should hunt the little black fox
Or shoot the bonny black hare
Or through the woods the white hart track
or the old grey wolf in his lair

and it was as they homeward came
all at the close of the day
that they spied the ladies own true love
as on the green he lay

And there they have done their wicked crime
with bloody sword and knife
And blood has lain upon the green
as they took her true loves life

And the lady stood at her own front door
And there she made a moan
for though she waited all the day
her true love ne'er came home

And she would not dance she would not sing
nor go playing at the ball
But she has ta'en her brothers blade
as it stood agen the wall

And she 's gone straight to Brennans hall
and shown her deadly art
for betwixt the long ribs and the short
she's pricked him to the heart

Lie there, lie there, with your death wound
And hearken unto me
I shall reveal the wicked lie
thy daughter told to thee

For though she drove you to revenge
for her lost maidenhead
she could not have lain with Murray
when with Mondegreen he laid!