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Posted By: johnadams
13-Jun-06 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: English Dance & Song Mag
Subject: RE: English Dance & Song Mag
Becky from Tucson (good tune title that!) rightly pointed out that everybody deserves a turn and this time it wasn't the turn of 'the beautiful people'. But those poor people on the cover! What have they done to deserve such negativity from some of you? There they are having a good night out at the local hop and thoroughly enjoying their dance and all of a sudden they land in the middle of a discussion about whether or not they ought to be allowed (so to speak)!

As Becky intimates, folk is for everyone and sometimes the 'less fashionable' need their moment of glory. And if Gav Dav's yoof can't see past the cover image then maybe they're not that interested and ought to look for something more glamourous. (It is FOLK music and not 'trendy people music'. Lots of the young students at Newcastle University think that some of the best songs and singing come from the really old singers and so do I come to that). And personally I think the content has been OK since the present editor took over and will continue to develop if people give him the right feedback.

Another thing to consider is that there is a fundamental difference between EDS and something like fRoots or Living Tradition.   The fRoots mag does a brilliant job for an audience it's built up over many years and with a deal of hard work from its editor amongst, it has to be said, flurries of criticism. But it is a magazine only, as is Living Tradition, as are the majority of local and regional rags.

The EFDSS is not a magazine publisher in the same sense. For instance, fRoots does not run a historic library with both full and part time staff. Nor does Living Tradition run an education programme with a full time member of staff, servicing the needs of teachers in schools. Neither of them run a venue or produce a learned refereed journal with a world wide reputation for academic excellence. We also publish books and offer a small catalogue of CDs and videos.

The congregation served by the EFDSS is very very wide and encompasses singers, musicians, dancers, researchers, Morris and Sword dancers, those who study calendar customs, teachers, academics and all manner of people. The magazine which serves this vast congregation (members or not) can't possibly be all things to all people at all times.

I would like to see the magazine keep a wide brief and have something for everybody and also be something that people file away for future reference. It stands a good chance of being that magazine although it will naturally have its ups and its downs according to who is the editor and what their policy is. Which is up and which is down may vary according to your perception of course.

And to the people on this issues cover (if you are reading) may you always have as much fun as you are having in that picture, and don't give a monkey's **** for what those few folks that speak negatively of you on Mudcat and u.m.f say. Dance on!!

Johnny Adams
EDS Webmaster (I put up all those sound files for you to listen to)
EFDSS Vice Chair (Marketing, promotion and web services).