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Posted By: GavDav
13-Jun-06 - 02:35 PM
Thread Name: English Dance & Song Mag
Subject: RE: English Dance & Song Mag
Hrm. sounds like, from Johnny's post that people think I'm somehow slagging off EDS which I'm not, or the people in the picture, which I am also not intending to do.

I am in fact frustrated like a great many people that EDS doesn't have a higher profile because on balance, it does have lots of stuff in that I like to read about (as does Stirrings, mentioned by Brian). I have read it regularly under the last three editors as well as those done by comittee. My main concern with it is that it is perhaps a bit inward looking.

There is a whole audience out there who yes, if they are lucky enough to be doing the folk music degree might get their eyes opened to the May Bradleys, Fred Jordans and Walter Pardons of this world. Did they go to uni becuase of that or find it out there? How many unenlightened 18 year olds do you think are likely to make that leap on their own? What could be actively done to help that? Could a magazine like EDS help? (I genuinely think it could and perhaps should.)

There are a whole group of people who did not do music at school, might not be able to pass an audition or might be more academically than performance focussed who are not able to readily access the stuff that Johnny rightly point out as an asset of the folk music degrees springing up. I'm merely saying that at a non EFDSS event with the magazine displayed then it is effectively the figurehead for the society, first impressions count in that sense. (And does the society send the mag out liek this to promote itself? - I thought it did.)

For me this is the missing link. Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree, and I can only dream that one day there will be an Anglo centric magazine focussing on our rich and varied traditions, featuring the best of the new alongside the amazing influences of the old. Maybe that magazine coudl actually say "pick me up" to a wide range of people not already members of a society.

On the other hand, if this is what you're saying, then I'm happy to think that the magazine could also capture a new audience of people from other age groups including the kind of people having a whale of a time in the current cover pic, I guess working with children all day everyday is making me focus on a younger audience.