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Posted By: johnadams
13-Jun-06 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: English Dance & Song Mag
Subject: RE: English Dance & Song Mag
Diane, I'm not cross with anybody - just enjoying a bit of cut and thrust.

Paul, I recognise your point of view but in a sense it's as narrow as the one you attribute to others. It's almost as if you're arguing that because promoters succeed in promoting weaker artists that the rest of us should subscribe. No thanks.

Half an hour ago I finished chairing the AGM of Ryburn 3 Step. Pete and Sue Coe's house in Ripponden is now filled with non trendy villagers who sing, sword dance, mum, clog, step and lots of other wonderful folk arts, celebrating the successes of the year. They won't ever appear on a folk festival main stage but they ARE a big part of the equation and some of them are as good as those who appear on the main stages. EFDSS exists for them too, all ages, classes and abilities. You know that.

EDS is not written for just one sort of folk enthusiast. As I said in an earlier post we have a huge and diverse congregation and they all need feeding. Hence journal editors need to make compromises. Your approach of "giving as much exposure to young performers as I could" only serves a sliver of the congregation, important of course, but not the only consideration.

As to 'reading ages', if we appeal only to the lowest common denominator we will lose the expertise that enriches our folk arts, just as surely as if we appeal only to the academics we will lose the ordinary reader. Again, an editor has to bear this in mind. While I don't think that EDS is yet where it ought to be, it's moving towards a more inclusive style which recognises the diversity I mentioned.   

I'll not be posting on this again – too much marking. Have fun!

Johnny Adams