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Posted By: Willie-O
13-Jun-06 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: Logging Songs
Can't remember where I stole this from, but if you need an icebreaker, this might help (recited; I wouldn't try to sing it, it don't scan too good):

"where you use an internet "translation" program and translate first from English to German, then from German to French, and finally from French back to English -- but this particular song "circular translation" was way to funny to leave buried there, so here is The Frozen Logger, BabelFish style: ;-D"


Like me one evening in the small coffee hinsass,
has the forty waitresses of year of to me that these words said:
"I sees that you are a crane of block, and not precisely ordinary Gammler,
because nobody, a crane of block agitates however his coffee is an inch.

My liked was a crane of block. There is none today of it but him.
If you pour Whisky on him, it would eat a package hay.

It never shaved its Whiskers by far its skin hornigen.
It would bite it far towards the interior inside with a hammer zerstossen and it right.

My liked came to see one day of winter me afterwards.
It held covered me in a vernarrtem which broke three movements.

It embraced me, distributed us, therefore strongly it in my Kiefer fallows some;
I could not speak, to declare to him that it forgot its mackinaw.

Then, sauntering I saw wanting to say liked to leave and by snow
and joyeusement heimwaerts went to the bottom forty-eight.

Time tried to freeze time him; it tested its level well.
With degrees hundred below zero, it buttoned its waistcoat.

It has cold it towards China, has clearly cold in top with stars.
It has cold my love of crane of block to miles degrees above below zero.

In futile, you would thaw out it and tried to believe you him, Sir?
He in the axtblaetter, the Douglas ones precisely left you with Spot cuts.

And thus, I lost want to say liked, and I came to this coffee,
and here I, wait somebody agitates his coffee with his inch."