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Posted By: Little Hawk
13-Jun-06 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Trees Bear!
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Trees Bear!
Yeah, that Siamese was incredible. He ran off every dog that dared to come on the property, except one time...that was when Inky showed up. Inky was an embittered Black Lab with an owner that beat him and kept him chained all the time, and one day he got free. He was not in a mood for messing with, and he came on our property. The Siamese leaped straight into his face, and Inky shook him off, and the Siamese realized in one instant that he would have to kill this dog to get rid of him or die trying....and for him to kill Inky just wasn't physically possible. So the cat disappeared into the bushes in a flash, and Inky tore all around the place trying to find him...but never did.

That was the only time I saw that cat back down. He was smart, and he knew he couldn't kill the dog, but it could most certainly kill him and most certainly would. (Matter of fact, I recall that he had pasted Inky when Inky was younger, friendlier, and less experienced, a few years earlier, so there was already bad blood between them. Dogs don't forget stuff like that.)

Every other dog he ever took on ran, and I think a lot of bears would have run too. A cat can easily outmaneuver a bear, after all...not nearly so easy with a determined black lab.