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Posted By: ossonflags
14-Jun-06 - 01:04 AM
Thread Name: Beverley Folk Festival
Subject: RE: Beverley Folk Festival
Speaking as one of the "wingeing" ones and some one who is running sessions this weekend, I would like to point a couple of things out here "Tilly"

!. "After all the years Chris Wade and her crew have accommodated a bunch of winging musicians at the festival"

I take strong objection to be called a "wingeing" anything,I and the rest of the local musicians contribute to the Beverly and wider Folk scene all year round, not just Folk week So rather than your pal and her crew accomadating us, it would seem to me to be the other way round?

2. John (Ooombanjo) Quotes; "I have had a request from within the local musicians, and one of our local councillors, to test the water re a separate fringe weekend."

All I see here is John openly replying to a legitamate request - one I may say that will be whole heartadly supported by me - and actually doing things to keep music live.

Were is the "subterfuge" and "betrayal" there? Do not forget when the Beverley festival did not run the other year it was people like the "Wingers" and "betrayers" who filled the breach by running the very successfull "Peoples Voice festival".By your comments it would appear that Folk music in the Beverley area is the exclusive preserve of Chris Wade and her crew.

Mick McGarry