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Posted By: Les from Hull
14-Jun-06 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: Beverley Folk Festival
Subject: RE: Beverley Folk Festival
I too would like an explanation of what you mean by 'subterfuge', Tilly.

I've been to the festival for years, too, as a paying punter, and as a festival worker. In recent years I've been more interested in singing and playing, so I've tended to stick to 'fringe' events, although I'll happily attend a concert or a workshop if there's someone I really want to see and hand my money over like a good 'un.

Most festivals organise singarounds and musicians sessions, and either pay for organisers or give them a free ticket. At Beverley we've had the perfectly amicable situation where the festival organisers can leave this sort of thing to people who play and sing in Beverley every week of the year.

This has the further advantage to the festival that it provides extra events throughout the day for season ticket holders to pop into, and attracts extra people to the festival. There's never been any 'subterfuge'.

If your comments were sparked by Oombanjo's posting about a separate fringe weekend, might I point out that separate in this connection means 'different from' or 'unconnected'. This will be discussed in a separate thread after the festival.

I would like to know who these 'wingeing musicians' (I presume you mean wingeing) are. I don't recognise them from the singers and players I meet every week in Beverley, who look forward to and support the Beverley Folk Festival every year.

Les Ward