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Posted By: GUEST,MC Fat
14-Jun-06 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Beaches of St Valery (Davy Steele)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: BEACHES OF ST VALERY (Davy Steele)
Try this

D                 G
It was in 1940, the last days of Spring.
D                            G
We were sent to the Maginot line,
Em7                               D
A fortress in France, built to halt the advance,
          G                         A
Of an army from a different time.
               D                       G
But we were soon overrun, out-thought and outgunned.
D                        G
Pushed further back every day.
Em7                         D
But we never believed high command would just leave us.
G                               A
So we fought every step of the way
D                        G
'Til the 51st Highlanders found themselves on
D                                G
The banks of the Somme one more time.
Em7                           D
It still bore the scars of that war to end wars.
G                                A   
The old soldier's scars deep in their minds.
D                               G
But we didn't stay long for the Panzers rolled on
D                                G
As the battle raged west t'wards the sea,
Em7                            D
Until on June the 10th when sapped of all strength
G                A
We entered St. Valery

         G          D              G               D
And all I recall is the last boat leavin'!
       G                Em                        A
My brother on board waving and calling to me
        D                         G
And the Jocks stranded there wi' his hands in the air
        D                G
On the beaches of St. Valery

best of luck it's a belting song