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Posted By: Kampervan
14-Jun-06 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: Beverley Folk Festival
Subject: RE: Beverley Folk Festival
Hey, I've just found out from Tilley that I'm a subversive. Wow!!!!

I just like singing and listening to singing, (and a bit of twiddly-diddly instrumental as well).

How does that make me a subversive?? I've been to many Beverleys (well in to double figures), and paid for lots of season tickets, some of which have never been used. All I've done is to go to fringe venues.

However, some people think that you shouldn't be able to camp without a season ticket, and if all you want to do is to go to fringe events then you're a parasite on the hard work of the Committee.

So maybe a separate fringe weekend is god way to keep everyone happy?

Or perhaps we could all co-exist peacefully on the basis that we all support each other; that 'folk' doesn't have to be political, and that we can all enjoy a great festival in our own way.

Or am I just the dumbest naif in the world?