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Posted By: gnu
14-Jun-06 - 09:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Trees Bear!
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Trees Bear!
Bears have an innate respect for cats. In the wild, bears don't mess with cats. Even a 650 pound black bear will not mess with a cat because, in the wild, most cats are Bobcats or larger. They know the scent, so, they won't even mess with a housecat unless they are very small of if the bear is REALLY hungry.

Some years ago, I had a 3 year old boar messing with my trailer which I had parked "way back". I fired rifle shots into the trees beside him twice to frighten him off. He stayed away when we were in the trailer (except for one night, I woke up to hear him sniffing with his nose on the window screen above me and I punched him in the nose) but, when I wasn't at the trailer, he pawed everything... destroyed the screen on the door, screwed up windows, left claw marks up and down the trailer... even though I pissed all around the trailer, he came back when I wasn't there.

Two loads of soiled cat litter did the trick. It even kept the porcupines away. Hmmm... I wonder if my retirement fund might be founded in cat doodoo?