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Posted By: chazkratz
14-Jun-06 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Tune: Cigarettes and Whisky and Wild Wild Women
Subject: RE: Tune: Cigarettes and Whisky and Wild Wild Women
I have the Red Engel version, and had a 78 of it as a kid, with "Timtayshun" on the flip side.

Verse two, according to Red, is

Cigareets is a blot on the hull human race;
Huh man is a monkey with one in his face.
Here's my definition, believe be dear brother,
Huh fire on one end and a fool on the t'other.

And the last verse, more like this

Oh, stranger, beware or they'll write on your grave,
To wimmin and whusky here lies a poor slave;
Take warnin', dear stranger; take warnin', dear friend,
They'll write in big letters these words at the end:

There's a spoken introduction, as well;

A preachment dear friends you're about to receive,
On John Barleycorn, tobacco, and the timtayshuns of Eve

and a drunk who shouts, "Okay, let's hear it if it's so good!" and continues making rude remarks throughout the song, ending in this exchange:

Drunk: Sing "Timtayshun," will ya?"
Red: Dear friends (somebody get that bum outa here), we don't sing that kind of music here.
Drunk: Okay, then, show us your muscles!