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Posted By: Snoozer
15-Jun-06 - 07:14 AM
Thread Name: Need Help with Title for a new Album
Subject: Need Help with Title for a new Album
I'm working on an album with a friend (he's the artist, I'm engineering) and we are nearly done, but are having a hard time coming up with a title for the album.

The songs on the album are all taken from the book "The Drifters" by James Michener. The book (written in 1971) is the story of six young adults who each are escaping some political or personal turmoil in 1960's America, and who end up traveling together to Europe and Africa, each in search of some meaning or ideology in their lifes. One of the characters is Gretchen, from Boston, MA, who is a folk singer. The songs she sings are all Child Ballads, 14 are mentioned in the book along with two other songs (Eriskay Love Lilt and Greenland Whale Fisheries). The album is made up of those 16 songs. The songs are all recorded with just voice and guitar and the occassional mandolin, harmonica, vocal harmony, etc to give it a "kind of" 60s folk club feeling.

Our first thought was to call the album The Drifters or Songs of The Drifters, but whenever we mention that to anyone they think of the Mo-Town group from the 1950s and 60s. We've had some other lame ideas but nothing we can use.

So I'm asking all you creative and clever people if you have any ideas for a title for this album.

Thank you!