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Posted By: greg stephens
15-Jun-06 - 10:38 AM
Thread Name: English Dance & Song Mag
Subject: RE: English Dance & Song Mag
I think Les from Chorlton deliberately confuses the issue when he says that folk music in England evolved fom an unaccompanied singer to groups of six people with amplified instruments. Now, in the 20's and 30's lots of people (Vaughan Williams, Butterworth, Grainger etc) got very interested in folk material and arranged it for symphony orchestra. So, Les from Chorlton, would you have written that "folk music has evolved from an unaccompanied singer into thirty or forty people in dinnerjackets playing fiddles, violas,cellos, clarinets, bassoons etc".
    Well, you might have written that, but I would have disagreed with you then, and I disagree with you now. I think arguments go off in disastrously confusing directions if you confuse "folk music" or "the folk tradition"(or whatever you choose to call it it) with "music of folk origin played by people who are very interested in it". It is possible for music to fall into botrh those categories. But it is also possible for music to fall into one or the other. Categorising music may be a waste of time, but it can have its uses.
   So no, I dont think unaccompanied ploughmen in 1880 evolved into a symphony orchestra in 1920, neither did the symphony orchestra in 1920 evolve into Carthy and Swarbrick in the 60's, or into Bellowhead in the current decade(and what do we call this decade? But that's another thread).